16 Luxury Travel Destinations You Must Visit

Champagne TravelsWhere have I been? Well, I’m glad you asked!

While scrolling through my calendar, I could not believe how many places I had visited in the past 365 days. Time passes quickly, and even while traveling, I’m usually thinking about my next adventure. If your dream destination is not mentioned here, this list will inspire you to start the planning stages of a trip someplace you’ve been dreaming about. So let’s begin!

16 Luxury DestinationsCannes France

Toes in the sand and a cocktail in my hand! The South of France is one of my favorite places in the world. It’s an easy TGV train trip; the journey is part of the experience. I love strolling the Boulevard de la Croisette, especially ogling the theater that holds the annual Festival de Cannes. If Paris is your destination, a getaway to the chic Côte d’Azur should be on your list during your time in Europe.

Eileen Callahan in Cannes, France

Champagne Travels 16 Luxury Travel DistinationsLondon England

Tunnel me here! Since moving to Paris, I’ve been to London four times in the past year, and I expect six trips this year. I love traveling on the Eurostar, as it is a relaxing journey and easy to rest up before a pint of fish and chips upon arrival. On my last visit, I stayed at The Lanesborough, one of the world’s top hotels. If romance takes you here, make sure to dine at Céleste after starting the night with a glass of champagne at The Library Bar, one of my favorite hotel cocktail lounges.

Champagne Travels at The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

Four Seasons Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Asia never disappoints. I can see why Hong Kong features the most skyscrapers worldwide, which means fabulous views from amazing skyscraper hotels. My favorite was the Ritz Carlton and the Ozone bar, mandatory on any visit to the appropriately-nicknamed Pearl of the Orient.

Ritz Carlton Ozone Bar with Champagne Travels

Ritz Carlton Ozone Bar

Champagne Travels Eileen Callahan at The St. Regis in MacaoMacau

In a quick, comfortable 1-hour ferry ride from Hong Kong, you are in Macau, the “Vegas of the East.” There are so many beautiful hotel options that you are sure to find the perfect place to stay at any price point your budget requires. Coconut cocktails poolside at the St. Regis by day and gambling away by night. Having traveled to Vegas monthly, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. If you like luxury and gambling minus the late-night club techno atmosphere, Macau is a stop for you. Learn more about my hotels on this trip here.

The Palm Restaurant New York City with Eileen Callahan of Champagne TravelsNew York

Steaks and martinis. This usually describes all my visits to the Big Apple, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My days typically begin with a large coffee, accompanied by a cream cheese-slathered New York bagel and a stroll through Central Park. My ambition always says a jog will happen after the calorie-filled bagel. Usually, it’s just a walk about the beautiful 20-acre lake to help work off those calories from another Italian or Steak dinner ahead of me. On this trip, I went to one of the most iconic steak restaurants, The Palm Steakhouse, and the Porterhouse steak did not disappoint. Champagne at the St. Regis King Cole Bar is a must for any lounge lover, and make sure to try the famous Bloody Mary. You can read more about my Manhattan Musts here.

Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sun and sand, with many margaritas, of course. When I lived full-time in California, Mexico was an easy jaunt from the Golden State, and it was time to get my toes back in the sand. I love the laid-back vibe and the abundant choices of accommodations and margarita-tasting explorations. All the tourist cities in Mexico are very similar, but I always put PV, as it’s known, at the top of my list.

In winter, it doesn’t get more luxurious than the following two destinations.

Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels Luxury Travel Site in Gstaad Switzerland

Gstaad, Switzerland

I love snow destinations. Bundle me up in front of the fireplace with a hot toddy, a snuggle partner, and a glistening mountain view. I prefer small ski towns where you can walk for cocktails from one place and then fondue at another; Gstaad provides that and more. Oh, and the luxury that oozes here! Le Grand Bellevue saw me frequently, and it will see me again next season. I am in love with many luxurious hotels, which you can read about here.

Champagne Travels Luxury Travel Site with Eileen Callahan at Le Grand Bellevue in Gstaad Switzerland

Champagne Travels Eileen Callahan in Zermatt SwitzerlandZermatt, Switzerland

Number 1–no place like it. This is my answer when I am asked about my favorite winter ski resort. This was my fourth time in Zermatt, and I already have two visits booked for this ski season. I think it’s the car-less zones, the horse-drawn carriages, and the proximity of everything in the town. I love enjoying après ski at CERVO, a superb hotel and restaurant right mid-slope. Live bands after coming down the mountain and a warm drink after an exhilarating day on the slopes: there’s nothing better! Check out my favorite ski lounges throughout the world here.

Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels in Zermatt Switzerland
Christmas in Killarney with Eileen CallahanIreland

Do you know the song “Christmas in Killarney” by the Irish Rovers and redone by Bing Crosby? Well, that was me, and it was just as Bing said, “the prettiest picture you’ve ever seen.” If Ireland is ever on your travel list, make sure you have more than pubs in Dublin on the agenda. The Ring of Kerry is a must-drive, and its beauty is anything but ordinary.

Eileen Callahan at Four Season in Vail, ColoradoColorado

Vail, here I am! I adore Colorado, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter. Any Season there is a plethora of adventures throughout the state. Skiing is my hobby, so the Rockies are the place for me. The Four Seasons Vail Remedy Bar is a must-visit for your favorite classic cocktail. If you are a sushi fan like me, in the center of Vail is my favorite, Matsuhisa, where you can enjoy an incredible dinner.

Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, CaliforniaOrange County

Stroll the piers of the many beach cities like Newport, Seal, and Huntington Beach. It is the best way to soak up everything that defines Southern California. Champagne at the Coliseum Pool at the Pelican Hill Resort is the epitome of a perfect day. Check out a few more of my favorite Southern California places here.

Pelican Hill Resort with Eileen Callahan
Kuala Lumpur having drinks with Eileen CallahanKuala Lumpur

A flight took me here. This was never a destination on my must-visit list. When looking to redeem miles for Bali, I found a first-class seat and KL (as it’s known); here I come! I knew of the Petronas Twin Towers (from a Sean Connery movie, of course), and the film did not do them justice. I was highly impressed by the modernization and can see why it is one of the fastest-growing regions in Southeast Asia.

Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels in BaliBali

Ten days of pure bliss. A first-timer in Indonesia, and I made the most of it. Renting a villa was how I rolled, and nothing beats waking up and diving into your own pool. Fancy hotels flourish here, but elegant accommodations are in every city, so give a private pool a try! The forest, temples, and assorted town nightlife delivered. The beaches are not great, and the towns can be hectic. Not a climate conscience destination for sure. Still, I enjoyed my stay, and beautiful nonetheless.

Drinks in Bali with Eileen Callahan

I had been waiting all year for this trip; what a city! I’m not sure what took me so long to get here, but I already have another trip planned for next year. Hands down, Singapore can receive an award for the cleanest city in the world, and many laws and fines are in place to ensure it stays that way. Did you know chewing gum is banned in Singapore? My favorite days were spent visiting Marina Bay Sands, with the world’s largest pool, dining options from famous chefs, fantastic shopping, and casino all in one complex.
Champagne Travels Eileen Callahan in Greece

Lefkada Island, Greece

Village of Vasiliki – Blue seas and sunshine define all the Greek Islands, but my first visit to this jewel will not be my last. This village was small and quaint, making me feel like a local. Lounging at lunch by the sea enjoying fresh fish was a daily occurrence, and Greek wine, of course! The town of Vasiliki provided sun, fun, and relaxation, and I was sure to soak up every moment. Many veer towards the famous islands like Mykonos but don’t write off the smaller, just as beautiful jewels. Learn more about my trip here.

Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels in Ibiza, SpainIbiza, Spain

Doesn’t everyone end the summer season in Ibiza, Spain? Its reputation as a party club atmosphere does not disappoint, with all the top DJs worldwide flocking to the island in August. Don’t stay away just because of this party’s reputation. There is peace too. I’ve seen amazing sunsets throughout the globe, and I would put Ibiza in the top three. Happy hours and sunsets, not to mention the fantastic beaches and waters, will take me back here again and again. Now you’ll know where to find me next August.

Sunsets with Eileen Callahan in Ibiza, Spain
No doubt many of the destinations above you have heard of, traveled to, or have on your list. If not, maybe this article reminds you. There are many exciting places to travel and learn about other cultures outside our home countries. Take a chance on a new destination, not just because it seems popular on Instagram. Explore the world, even if it’s the town a few hours away from you. Try to look through a different set of lenses, and you’d be surprised how a new angle can give you a new perspective. Now it’s time for me to plan the next 365 days. Life is an adventure; live it to the fullest!


Champagne Travels Luxury Travel Site in Gstaad Switzerland with Eileen Callahan