Self-Reflection While Traveling

Who doesn’t love vacation? Maybe it’s a beach destination with the family, a Spa trip alone—a girl’s trip to Vegas, or sightseeing the Acropolis of Athens, Greece. Vacationing isn’t just travel, exploration, relaxation, food, and drink; it’s time to reflect and possibly learn more about the world and yourself. Wherever your next holiday, it’s essential to find quality time surrounded by a new or different environment.

Eileen Callahan, founder of Champagne Travels in Zermatt, SwitzerlandTime for yourself

If you travel with family, friends, or lovers, find time for yourself. I’m a spa girl, so you will always find me before or after a massage in the lounge, sipping a cup of tea and reading a good spy novel. Vacations can be jam-packed with sightseeing or family activities. Make sure to carve out some “me” time—a stroll by yourself on the beach or some exercise in the gym. My favorite is locked in the hotel bedroom in a bathrobe with a glass of wine, a comedy on Hulu, a murder mystery podcast, or a good book.

Relaxing by the Seine, Paris, FranceBe present

Spending time in a new destination, especially the beautiful outdoors, immediately helps you disconnect from daily life. Don’t answer the phone, and gently clear the mind from all the heavy burdens in life. Forget the past and the future. Fresh air and nature bring peace and put you back in touch with your inner being. Be present and breathe in the fresh air. Truly listen to all the sounds around you. And in all those moments, there is nothing but serenity. Mindfulness at its best!

Take a class and enjoy pastries while in Paris says Eileen Callahan of Champagne TravelsTry something new

While living in France, I made a point to try new things as often as possible. I loved taking cooking classes and did a perfume workshop where you make your perfume! Whatever your destination or country, try something unique to the location. Pack a picnic, rent a scooter, visit a museum, test out a new sport, partake in a treasure hunt, or take a boat or walking tour. The options are endless. Step out of your comfort zone and embark on a new adventure while on vacation.

Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels stresses the importance of journaling while on vacationPen and Paper

This tip is my favorite and something I have been doing most of my life. Every day, write down your thoughts and experiences while traveling. What you did, how you felt, what you learned. It doesn’t have to be long nor take much time. You can also write in a phone app. Jotting your moments and feelings on paper allows you to reflect and relish that place and time during your holiday. Something to smile about when you return home and the chaos of life returns. Check out some of my favorite encouraging life tips here.

ear for listeningHuman connection

Listen, truly listen. When you are away from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life, this is the time to listen to the people around us. Take the conversation off yourself and give those two ears between your noggin to another. Maybe let the bartender do the talking at the beach palapa bar. Or your sister-in-law, whom you don’t see often and have low patience for. You always hate the blabbing taxi driver when home in New York, but talk to the hackney carriage driver in London. So often, people turn conversations back to themselves. We all need someone to lend us an ear, and maybe you will find yourself the one benefiting.

Breathe while on vacationLife is an adventure, and we are constantly growing on this crazy journey. Never stop learning; keep your eyes and heart open to what is unfolding. Nothing is more precious than the good fortune to travel the world. Through self-reflection, I find gratitude shines, as will a smile on your face, along with everyone around you.