Steps to your next vacationTravel Now! 5 Steps to Your Next Vacation

I’ll be there someday. It’s on the list. I’ll vacation on that tropical island when I retire. When I get these bills paid. As soon as the kids leave the house. Someday baby, someday! We’ve all said or heard someone speak similar excuses. In this fast-paced, roller coaster ride of a world, many of us never slow down; we are always on the go. When are you finally going to plan that trip to Rome? If anything, people are busier than ever, and with the world in overdrive with technology and industry competition, there will never be the exact right time. So how much longer will you put off that trip to New York? Diving with sharks in Tahiti? Enjoy life now; stop putting off your dreams and desires.

Computer workJust do it!

It’s the adage, if not now, when. Stop procrastinating! Dreaming isn’t doing, and thinking isn’t executing. We all know someone who has passed away far too early and find ourselves at their memorial saying how young they were, and you don’t want to waste another minute. But most people usually fall back into their busy lives and forget that bucket list scrolling longer and longer. Adventures we’ve never taken, dreams destinations never discovered.

Planning a vacationStart Shopping!

For a bargain, that is. Discounts are to be had, so begin researching your destinations now. Vacation planning takes time; you need (want) the vacation, so make the time. There are many websites with last-minute deals or sales for advanced bookings. Competition is stiff for your business, now or in the future. Investigating is part of the fun and how I stumble onto a new idea or detour during my journey. After you put the kids to bed, pour yourself a glass of wine, break out the computer, and start manifesting (planning) your next vacation.

Saving for VacationStart Saving!

Maybe you can’t afford to travel tomorrow, next month, or next year. At least start dreaming and start saving. Pass the Starbucks, make coffee, and sneak popcorn and soda into the movie theatre. How about doing your nails or skipping that round of golf? Take the Metro and forget the Uber. There are many ways to curb spending if you have the determination and drive. It’s about having the discipline and willpower to say no to dinner at that hot new restaurant with friends. The more you envision the vacation, the more you desire the trip, thus working harder to save the funds for the destination.

American AirlinesCollect Miles

Most of my travel is done through miles. Not enough people understand or execute all the ways miles can be collected. Just because you have an airline or hotel credit card doesn’t mean you are maximizing racking up the miles. Many bills, like phone and electricity, medical, and HOAs, can be paid off through your credit cards. I even pay my property taxes on my credit card (always check the service charge %). You will be surprised how many miles you can collect in a year using a credit vs. debit card. Only apply these charges to credit if you diligently pay off monthly.

Islands of TahitiA picture doesn’t tell the whole story.

If you’ve been dreaming of going to Bora Bora in Tahiti your entire life, don’t change the destination just because you saw a few influencers post great photos of Positano, Italy. Stick with where your heart has been yearning to visit, where you’ve imagined yourself sipping Mai Tais for as long as you can remember. For example, I have been to both places, which are vastly different. If you fantasize about Bora Bora, I bet you dream of quiet, serene sandy beaches, see-through ocean waves, and romance with your lover. In contrast, Positano is beautiful but rocky, with people-packed beaches, cars, and fewer beach stroll hideaways for kisses with your loved one. Don’t regret not going to a place because someone influenced you to jet off in another direction on Instagram.

Tropical DrinkMaybe you can’t be at your dream destination tomorrow, but you can visually imagine yourself there through research NOW. We all need that tropical vacation or European city now more than ever. Start all the steps to get yourself there in the future. Planning your trip is a fun part of the process, no better time to start than NOW!

Family VacationSo what’s your dream destination?

Eileen Callahan Luxury Travel Advisor in Zermatt, Switzerland

Eileen Callahan-Founder of Champagne Travels in Zermatt, Switzerland