Time to Travel!

Couple on vacationWhere does the time go? We have all said these four words many times. It’s an age thing or me sounding like my mother. All I hear is how busy everyone is and “I’ll do it someday.” If we learned anything from 2020, seize the day, NOW! Why do we continue to put off life experiences or items on our bucket lists? Sometimes for a year or even decades! Until the kids are grown or once those two big work deals are sealed. It’s time to prioritize things you have been dreaming about and start acting, whether big or small.

Get a passport

Traveler planning their next vacationYou may already have one, but not everyone has left their homeland. The point is that even though you may not have a trip planned for this year, you have a new or renewed passport ready. A friend of mine offered to take my siblings down to his fantastic beach penthouse in Cabo at the last minute. Two of my siblings had expired passports, so they lost out on a fabulous pre-paid stay in Mexico. Nothing broadens a person’s horizon more than a trip outside their country.

Take a class

Making croissants in ParisEver made a croissant or fresh pasta? Enroll yourself with a friend or loved one in a class on something you have always wanted to try. Even if only for one night. Meetup and Eventbrite are two great platforms where you can meet people on new subjects that have always interested you.

See a monument or museum

I call myself a “drive-by” tourist. I can’t stand in line or meander for hours looking at artwork or sculptures. But, I still appreciate visiting every city’s incredible monuments, museums, and galleries. Whether indoors or out, we have fantastic art surrounding all of us. Even if you think it’s “not your thing,” expand your mind and try it. You could be surprised and find some creative cultural experiences that truly inspire you.

Pack a picnic

Champagne Travels picnicI do this in my hometown and every new city or country I visit. All you need is a blanket or towel. Find a local stream, park, or field and spend even one hour relaxing in the tranquil green grass. Enjoy your favorite beverage with a magazine or book, and leave your worries behind, even for a brief time.

Visit an island

Caribbean island vacationTake me to a tropical island, please! After college, I lived in the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic working for Club Med resorts. I adore islands with a flair that displays incredibly colorful culture. The whitewash bright, pastel colors in Aruba and the Bahamas, buildings of pink, yellow, and baby blue. Hopping on a bicycle and exploring a tropical paradise clears your head and appreciate the simple, laid-back island life.

Fly international

Eileen Callahan at London Heathrow AirportOnce that passport is current, book yourself a faraway trip. If not Asia or Europe, hop to Mexico or Canada. Stop talking about the Maldives or Greece; do it! If you have small children, seventy-two hours closer to home with the hubby can make all the difference.

Spend one week learning a foreign language

Why? Because. As Americans, we are not surrounded by numerous languages and nationalities. We’re privileged that people speak our native tongue. Exploring a foreign language expands our view of the world. Make a 7-day commitment, say an hour a day, test the waters, and see how it feels. Have fun with it, and pick a category like food and drink. Learn how to order a beer, pasta, or French fries. In a small way, it may give you a glimpse into another culture.

Attend a worldly festival

Mardi GrasMardi Gras, Wimbledon, Balloon Festival, Burning Man, Indy 500, Austin City Limits, bull riding tour, Cherry Blossom Festival, Oktoberfest, or even small jazz, wine, book, or art festival near you. I always loved attending the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California (except for the stench for a week after). Make a list of the nearby or far festivals that interest you, and put the dates on the calendar.

Travel doesn’t always have to be a world away. I always believe you should have a distant destination planned for the future, but if that’s far off, do something locally, near your home. Expanding our horizons and exploring thrilling new adventures is essential for our internal growth. I hope this inspired you to put some plans on the calendar, get out there and see all the world has to offer. Check out more ways to begin planning your next vacation here

Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels