Bring it on!

The new year 2020

Another year has come and gone, and oh, what a year it has been! I lost track of how much I traveled this year, but the memories are alive and as vivid as ever! From St. Moritz, Switzerland, to Thailand to Mallorca, Spain, each destination offered a different cultural experience and fueled my thirst for further adventure and, of course, exploration of new cocktail experiences.

Eileen Callahan at the Carlton Hotel St. Moritz

Eileen Callahan at the Carlton Hotel St. Moritz

A few of my favorite adventures

If I had to pick two places I visited this year that were my favorites, they would have to be Tokyo, Japan, and Edinburgh, Scotland. Both for entirely different reasons, of course, and as culturally far apart as possible. As usual, food and drink were the center of attention. I could not get enough Wagu beef and sushi in Japan, and the whiskey and gin distilleries were the highlight of my Scotland adventure. I soaked in luxury in Tokyo and Osaka (read more here), and Scotland was about the beauty of the outdoors and the home of golf in St. Andrews. Both countries require a return visit; if you haven’t been, make sure to put them on your list.

Eileeen Calahan of Follow A New Path

Eileen Callahan of Follow A New Path, Motivational Speaker

Follow a New Path

If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ve heard or seen that Champagne Travels is also Following a New Path. It’s been an exciting year putting together speaking engagements, sharing my journey with others like myself, and illustrating how it is possible to make dramatic life changes and follow dreams left unexplored. Next year I will be speaking at some of the best hotel lounges and bars around the world, sharing my story and coaching experience in a casual, fun setting with champagne, cocktails, and the opportunity to make friends with others like yourself. I will be back in the United States for most of 2020, and I hope you will check online to see what cities I will be in and sign up for monthly inspiration on my website here.

Eileen Callahan of Follow A new Path

I wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season and all the best in 2020! Keep an eye on my Upcoming Events page at Follow a New Path, and I hope to meet in a city near you!

Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels