16 Necessities for the Luxury Traveler

Travel is my life, and there are a handful of brands and items I cannot do without. I am a shopaholic online, and I wanted to share my favorite travel necessities you can get with a simple click.  Many times when traveling on the road for work, I may have forgotten an item or been in need of something and Amazon came to the rescue. Also, as a frequent traveler, I am adamant that my luggage and travel gear be functional, yet stylish. I wanted to share a few of the brands I use, and links if you wish to check out more details yourself.

Tumi Voyageur Calais Backpack

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This is my #1 travel item I cannot live without. The size, durability, and style are everything I need and more when on the road or when strolling Paris looking for the perfect cafe to set up my computer and do a bit of work. It is worth every penny, as functionality is as important as fashion! (There are several other great styles online as well).

Beats Pill

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I love music, and when away from home for more than a few days, the speaker off my iPhone isn’t enough. Also, when there is nothing good on the hotel TV (or not many English channels), I use my computer to watch movies, so plugging this lightweight speaker in makes the computer sound larger than life.

Lipault Paris 0% Pliable Upright 55/20

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I have been using Lipault luggage way before moving to Paris, France. (It’s a French brand). Luxurious, stylish, functional, and chic. It’s perfect for when I do not have much stuff and flexible when I’ve spent too much time on 5th Avenue in New York or Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Classic and comfortable to roll for the worldly traveler.


Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow – The Best Neck Pillow with 360 Head & Neck Support

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Travel puts a strain on my body, and I care more about comfort than about carrying a pillow through the airport. I like this because of its flexibility and durability and discreet, compact storage bag.

Emergen-C Dietary Supplement Drink Mix with 1000 mg Vitamin C

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I use a Vitamin C packet every day. Grab a bottle of water, and it’s ready to go. When traveling and spending time around so many people, it’s imperative for me to make sure I have as many immunization items in my body as possible. I love the taste and flavor and it’s very easy to drink.

Kate Spade High Low Color Block Scarf, Pumice/Cream

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I always have a scarf with me on every flight, and it must be both fashionable and functional as a blanket. I like to keep neutral colors so they can be used for assorted work or social occasions.



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I cannot live without BIOFREEZE! A massage therapist turned me to this product. Because of all the travel I do,  from cramped flights to hauling my luggage through the airport, my shoulders and upper back take a beating. This tropical analgesic is phenomenal at solving and soothing my back pain! The best part is it comes in a 3oz size, so it’s perfect for short trips when I only have a carry-on bag.



Kindle Paperwhite E-reader – Black, 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi 

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When I need to relax and unwind, all I need is a sunny day, a Parisian cafe, a carafe of wine, and my Kindle. I love murder mysteries and always have an assortment of books downloaded. The no-glare screen is the best feature, along with free reads to download for Prime members.


4-Piece Packing Cube Set – 2 Medium and 2 Large

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I am a bit of a neat freak, and nothing is worse than when you arrive at your destination, need to be in the lobby in 30 minutes for dinner, and your clothes are unwearable because of wrinkles. Mesh bags can really help preserve delicate items and help compartmentalize your suitcase so things are organized and put right where they should be.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

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Man or woman, hand lotion is a must for any traveler, especially for long-haul flights and cold, winter destinations. This is one of my favorites and is sure to keep your hands smooth and soft.

Moleskine Classic Notebook

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I have written in a journal my entire adult life, but even if you’re not a journaler, sometimes you just need some paper while in-flight to write down the errands you need to complete when, unfortunately, you return home from Bali. Moleskin is one of my favorite brands.

TSA-Approved Clear Travel Toiletry Bag | Quart Sized with Zipper 

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Ceptics All-In-One International Travel Plug Adapter

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If you are a world traveler, then you never leave home without a power adapter. This all-in-one plug ensures you can recharge wherever you are.


Sun Bum Lip Balm SPF 30+ Variety Pack

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I have chapstick everywhere; I can’t even keep count of how many I own! I love the Sun Bum brand, and the variety pack has great flavors, includes sunblock, and makes you feel like a palm tree and a coconut are awaiting you!

Boost Oxygen Natural Oxygen Can, 22oz (Set of 2 Cans)

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While this is not a “carry-on” in-flight item, this is something I discovered a few years ago and has come to my rescue numerous times. I call it my little “boost buster.”  When my body needs fresh air, a bit of a lift, or just a few deep breaths, I’ve got Boost by my side. Oxygen in a can, basically. If I run out of coffee or need a jump before the gym, this is there. Read more about it before using it to make sure it’s for you, but it’s a lifesaver for me!


Neck Ice Pack by Arctic Flex – Cold Compress Therapy Wrap – Cool, Reusable Medical Freezer Gel Pad for Swelling, Injuries, Headache, Cooler – Flexible, Soft & Instant

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Even though you may not take this in flight, I always have a cold compress wrap at home for the next day after a 12-hour trans-Atlantic flight. It may not seem like a very luxurious item, but admitting and solving travel discomfort are secrets any luxury writer should be passing onto you.

Traveling should be enjoyable, comfortable, and with the least amount of stress as possible. Items such as quality luggage and comforts such as pillows, lip balm, etc., can help make any road trip, family adventure, or business jaunt smoother and easier on the body and mind.

If you are interested in learning about other items I use from Amazon not only for traveling but when my roots are planted at home, you can check out my favorites using the below link. Happy shopping!

Champagne Travels on Amazon

Price and items’ availability were all based on those at the time the article was written, and opinions are that of Eileen Callahan only. Eileen will earn a commission on any items purchased through Amazon affiliate links, but this is at no extra cost or fee to you.