Holiday Gift Giving

Eileen Callahan at Galeries Lafayette for Christmas Viewing of decorations
Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels in Vail Colorado


Break out the wallet, ‘Tis the season again!  I love the holidays because that means hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps by the fire, or Champagne gatherings with friends in luxury hotel lounges. (You can read about my favorites here). It’s time to start pondering those gifts for loved ones, and here are a few of my favs that I promise are simple and everyone will love.

Who wouldn’t take cash?

I bet you are planning on giving gift cards again, aren’t you? Yes, I used to be the same. It’s the easiest, quickest way to finish your holiday shopping and not agonize over what to give a loved one. Everyone in life is so busy, and we all want to get shopping off our to do list as soon as possible. Make this the year to remove gift cards as presents and commit to giving more personal items. Gift cards are the most impersonal present you could give, so this year, open your heart, take the time, and show that loved one they really mean more than plastic.

Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels with Nicolas Feuillatte champagne

Light me up

Can you feel the heat? Candles to me signify romance, love, warmth, and relaxation. They have an inviting smell, a warm glow, and a soothing calmness that will brighten and relax anyone’s day. Give your man a candle signifying more to come, or men, show your woman you have a softer side and promise that romantic evening alone is coming soon. Candles radiate love, both literally and figuratively.

Throw your back into it

Man or woman, we all have a load of crap. I have tons of backpacks for different occasions, and I could always use another. I do not know anyone who doesn’t have a backpack, especially men, and today the gorgeous styles for women to use as purses are endless. Long ago are the days of clunky school-looking canvas/nylon styles. My favorites are by Tumi, which I use for travel, and Henri Bendel, which offers assorted styles and convertible straps for every day. Just walk through any department store or website and you will find the perfect style for your loved one.

Champagne Travels with Holiday gift ideas from Eileen Callahan Luxury Travel Expert

Write it down

Is your memory fading? Well, I seem to be more forgetful as I get older, so I always have a pen and paper on hand at home or in my purse. Call it a journal, notebook, organizer, or day planner, but everyone has and needs one. There are high-end brands like Moleskine, girly brands like Kate Spade, or even cute styles you can get at Staples. It’s a simple gift, but one that everyone can use for even the basic lists like groceries.

It’s a wrap

Baby, it’s cold outside. Scarves to me are sexy accessories, even on a man. I wore them in California when it would drop to a chilly 50 degrees, which is cold for a CA girl. Now that I am in Paris, I’ve noticed regardless of the season, everyone wears a scarf, no matter the temperature.

Champagne Travels in Paris France with Eileen Callahan

One stop shop

Take 2 hours out of your Netflix binge watching and get to the department store or open your computer. Whether you shop at Nordstrom, Target, or BHV, you can get all the above in one place. Yes, the gift wrapping supplies can also be purchased (easy to do while watching Netflix), or you can have them wrapped for a price. Online at a place like Amazon or even Macy’s, they will do the wrapping for you.

Don’t dread the holidays

Set your mind to be festive this season. Stop the gift card, impersonal holiday shopping. Simple, everyday items like the above are perfect for everyone, whether it be a loved one, coworker or neighbor next door. All items can be found at assorted price ranges and have a nice personal touch for the receiver. Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be a hassle; make sure to enjoy a glass of bubbly along the way and that will put a little holiday spike in your step also!

Eileen Callahan in Aspen Colorado with Champagne Travels during the holidays
Eileen Callahan in Aspen Colorado with Champagne Travels for the Christmas season