Champagne Travels with Eileen Callahan in FlightTraveling Essentials

Traveling items for Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels I can out pack you

My entire life has been about travel. Pleasure, business, personal, obligatory, whatever… I have always been on the go. I would not say that I am an organizational freak, but when things become repetitive in your life, you take notes and learn how to make things easier on yourself when traveling.

What’s on your ears?

Hear me out. Whether you enjoy listening to music or not, I think some form of headphones is mandatory. I have gotten on a first class flight (10 hours, mind you) and they forgot to put the headsets on the plane. Ever been stuck in front of a rambunctious kid? If you have never experienced the sound clarity and quality of higher-end listening devices, I suggest you add some to your list for Santa. Tiny Apple ear buds do not do it, and hopefully you’ll understand why soon. Once you try a higher sound enhanced headphone, you will never go back. I love BOSE, but there are so many brands that you are sure to find the right style and price for your listening pleasure.

Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels with a BOSE Headset for airplane travel

BOSE Headset

Where are your pills?

Be ready to pop some if needed. Ever been on the road traveling and suddenly you need a Sudafed, or those steps killed your back and you could use an Advil? Even when allergies are not a problem for you, some destinations can have wacky weather or high pollen count. Maybe that luggage took a toll on your right shoulder. I’ve had this cute Coach pill divider case for years, and I make sure to never hit the road without it. Your friend with the headache from last night will thank you also.

Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels in a Red Scarf on British AirwaysIs there a breeze in here?Eileen Callahan of Champagne-travels in New York City

I think a scarf is essential when traveling, and men, it’s ok for you also. It keeps your shoulders, knees, or hands warm when the air’s full blast on your flight to Cancun. It can become a great pillow, a seat cushion, or even a magical wall divider to the sneezing, coughing man across the aisle.

Are you clean?Travel necessities for airplane travel with Eileen Callahan of Champagne-Travels

How grimy can people be? I never travel without hand antibacterial gel, as it comes in use for so many capacities. I have both types, antiseptic gel or wet wipes in my bag. I’ve pulled down the tray table on a flight and felt as though I needed the “motion sickness” bag. Eat an orange, spill your coffee, champagne spillage was sticky, whatever–sanitary wipes come in handy for numerous reasons.

Peanut Butter Wrap when traveling with Eileen Callahan of Champagne TravelsFeed me, feed me now!

My stomach is the boss. I love to eat, and I search out fun, exciting, delicious places to visit when traveling. Or, should I say, I will find any reason to eat. I just came off a 12 hour international flight and the food in business class was horrific. Of course I ate a portion, but 6 hours into a flight I could either go ask for chips or break out the peanut butter tortilla wrap I had stashed away. A good ole granola bar is always in my bag, but sometimes a more filling item is needed. Wraps are my go-to, but there are numerous other solid foods that can last more than a few hours, and you’ll be happy you did when you spot that cardboard chicken…..or is it beef?

Let’s go!

Eileen Callahan using a Lipault backpack with Chapagne Travels

Lipault Roller Backpack

Vacation and travel (for whatever reason) should be enjoyable. A few items such as the above are small simple additions to your backpack or Gucci bag. As simple as they seem, make sure to put these on that list and don’t leave without checking them off. Traveling can be arduous; find items that help you through the rougher parts of your trip and you’ll arrive with a smile. Your only worry will be deciding between a Pina Colada or Mai Tai.