Cocktails at a luxury hotel

Are you rich?

We all are in my mind. Never feel anyone deserves better than you because they have more moola.  Every person within my circle is a hard worker, and if you are reading this, I bet we’re alike. Everything I’ve worked for and achieved was well-deserved, and because of sacrifices and “elbow grease,” I’ve been able to enjoy some of the finer things in life. Sometimes people hold back or look through other people’s eyes and only dream about staying at a Four Seasons or Peninsula hotel. It’s important for me to get the word out that you don’t have to fork over a month’s rent to be able to bask in the same luxury as those with larger bank accounts.

Pick your favorite loved one

If not with your spouse or mother, do it for yourself. Decide this Saturday you are going to your local 5 star hotel and have a glass of Champagne with a loved one or yourself. Take this time to turn the phone off and clear your head of the demanding boss or your 4-year-old who just painted the walls. We sometimes spend too little time or don’t give enough attention to the special people in our lives, but an hour at the Montage Resort enjoying a hot toddy will help you reconnect with those you love.


All you have to do is open the door

You can do that–just walk in! There is no “class” level in my mind. You may frequent TGIFridays more than Nobu Matsuhisa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t open the door to the Peninsula in Chicago and go stroll through their magnificent lobby and adore the Christmas decorations, or sit down and have a cup of coffee (Irish coffee for me!)

Take that tee shirt off!

You can look better than that. Jeans are commonplace now even in the fanciest of hotels, whether you like it or not. I am a jeans girl, but give me a beautiful blouse or a classic blazer and I’ll make my jeans look HOT! Whether you deck yourself out or wish to go casual, still respect where you’re going and clean up a bit. I find when I “kick it up a notch” and put the extra time into getting ready, I feel better and more confident about myself.

One could be your limit

Watch your wallet here! The point of this article is for you realize that you don’t have to be able to afford a room for the night at Claridges in London to enjoy some time there. You are more than welcome to visit and relax with that one glass of Champagne or cup of coffee. Take in the surroundings and chill, even if your wallet only allows you to purchase one drink.

When are you going?

It’s holiday time, and every city has beautiful sites and sparking holiday décor. Take a little time to enjoy what holiday festivities do, make you smile. What is all that hard work for but to take some downtime and really enjoy yourself and your loved ones. So put a date and time on your calendar and pre-plan this excursion.  Head over to the Ritz Carlton Denver, or your favorite 5 star hotel and spend the 20 dollars or euro on a glass of Champagne…then relax and smile; you belong there too.