5 Restaurants to love in Paris

Travel expert Eileen Callan of Champagne Travels
I love trying new restaurants each time I am in Paris. But, there are 5 that I return to again and again. All of them are casual, affordable and I love for different reasons. I rarely use Yelp or any other advice site. I believe part of traveling is taking chances and finding golden gems on your own. Everything in life is “hit or miss”, but when you get a “hit”, it’s a treasured memory forever and that is why I love these restaurants.

Chez André – 12 rue Marbeuf 8th Arrondissement

Demi-Poulet Rôti avec Frites Maison

On my first stay at the Four Seasons George V, my best friend and I ate here 3 times (It is two blocks from Four Seasons). I’ve had many things on the menu over the years, but I keep going back to the half free range Roast Chicken and fries. The staff is wonderful, speaks English, and I consider Chez André the definition of a Traditional French Brasserie.

La Tavola Calda – 39 Impasse des Bourdonnais 1st Arrondissement

Pizza at La Tavola Calda, Paris - Champagne TravelsPizza

Small, cramped, simplistic. Perfect for kicking back with a Bordeaux and a pizza. I try different toppings each time, so you’re on your own with the ingredients of your choosing. Even the basic Margherita is great, and their pasta is up there also. Not much English spoken here, but you’ll get by. Pizza is universally loved and not difficult to translate, right?

LA Panfoulia – 7 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie – 3rd

I love the relaxed vibe and the intimacy of this cozy place. I always go for the burgers, and it’s one of the best I’ve had in Paris. Fries are just as good.  It’s cute, quaint, and on a lovely corner in the heart of the Marais district in Paris.

entrance to Le Coupe Chou, Paris - Champagne TravelsLe Coupe Chou – 11 Rue de Lanneau- 5th Arrondissement

Beef Bourguignon

I’ve enjoyed everything on the menu here, but it’s really the atmosphere I come for. The dark lit rooms, brick walls and classic French wood beamed ceilings make this a perfect date or intimate dinner gathering. I’m a fan of a few items, but it’s my “go to” place for this perfect red wine based beef stew. There is a cozy cave like “living room” where you can enjoy your wine or coffee afterwards, which is why this place is a top restaurant for me.

Le St. Regis, Paris with Champagne TravelsLe St. Regis – 6 Rue Jean du Bellay 4th Arrondissement

French Onion Soup and everything

Cafe St. Regis, Paris - Champagne TravelsAfter strolling Notre-Dame de Paris, you must head over to Ile Saint-Louis (an island attached by bridge to Notre-Dame) I love enjoying a meal or glass of Champagne here. I love the ambiance and the waiters as much as the food. It’s great people watching if outside and a relaxing cool vibe inside. I’ve had everything and I love this menu. French Onion Soup is my go to along with the Artichoke.

I promise, you will love these restaurants in Paris also.


Eileen Callahan of Champagne Travels Luxury Travel Bloga treat at the St Regis cafe in Paris - Eileen Callahan, Champagne Travels