My Top 5 Hotel Lounges in Paris

Please don’t make me do it. It’s like having to pick your favorite kid. Why can’t I list the Top 10 instead of 5? I have been visiting Paris for over twenty-five years. I am addicted to luxurious hotels, and relaxing with a glass of Champagne in the lounge is my “thing.” (Hotel addiction article here.) I want to give my readers a realistic list that you can look at and say, “these 2 are a must on our trip to Paris next month”. The larger the list, the more unobtainable to “knock out” sort of speak. I promise you will want to visit all, depending on your “Champagne allowance.” Do not expect this in order of preference, as I would never “lower” any of the below, as they are all first class to me.

Eileen Callahan luxury travel writer at The Peninsula Paris


Eileen Callahan luxury travel writer at Four Seasons George V Paris France

Le Bar

I remember saving for months on my first stay in a luxurious 5-star hotel.  George V was my first if you know what I mean. My best friend and I spent four heavenly nights, and since we were on vacation, we enjoyed cocktails daily in Le Bar. When the bartender brought a stool for my purse, I fell in love immediately. The bar is center stage on one side and a charming fireplace on the other. The staff is delightful, and the dark mahogany walls and inviting couches make this intimate lounge a worthwhile stop for Champagne or even after noon tea.


Bar Hemingway

When that door opens, you immediately imagine the 1920s and Ernest Hemingway sitting in the back corner with a journal, pencil, and Martini. Suppose those historic walls could talk about all the literary icons that made this library-style bar their drinking grounds. Not only because of the history, but I also go for legendary bartender Colin Peter Field who has presided here for 23 years. Even after the four-year renovation, its illustrious walls make you want to have a drink, open a book, and wallow in the greatness called The Ritz.

Champagne Travels writer Eileen Callahan at The Ritz Paris


The Bar

Sexy oozes out of this hotel as the hot doorman escorts me in. I was intimidated my first visit as a 6-foot tall bombshell 100lbs wet strolled past, and I felt that Nutella crêpe gurgle inside me. But then, as you enter the dimly lit lounge with its rich and deep interior, you begin to strut with an air of seductive confidence. This is a lounge of beauty and beautiful people—a bit more hip vs. iconic. So, wear those high heels and a slinky dress. Gentleman, break out the blingy watch and dab on that cologne.  Get ready for an arousing evening with your loved one, or be prepared to find them in this steamy, sultry lounge.


Hotel de Crillion Paris France

Les Ambassadeurs

Old and New. I’ve been visiting this hotel since before the recent four-year renovations, and I was ecstatic when it reopened in July.  I loved the old bar, especially how quant it was, and I am in awe of the new. One problem I worry about with renovations is becoming too modernized, cold, and sterile. Not here. The warmth and coziness elude and maintain that classic luxurious feel. It’s larger than I had expected, so the couches are more enormous, the pillows are fluffier, and the Martini is just right. Make sure to visit when they have a singer and musicians; it will make you sink deeper in those pillows with Champagne.


Peninsula ParisLe Bar Kléber

Over two years ago, when I read about this hotel opening, it was the first place I went 4 hours after landing at CDG. I was in awe when I entered such a stunning grandiose room. Six months later, I took my family and spent Christmas Eve surrounded by the dark mahogany walls enjoying copious cocktails and snacks. The height of the ceilings and the detailed carvings within the moldings are magnificent—a must-visit for any particular reason to enjoy a cocktail.

There you have it. All five are diverse, and each has a different provocative allure. Soon you will see why I keep coming back for more. The hardest decision to make is: Champagne or Martini tonight?