Le Ritz, Je T’aime

Why do I love The Ritz Paris and you should too?

It begins outside the hotel at Place Vendome. You become in awe of the sights and fascinating architecture surrounding you. In the midst of this historical octagon like square, you have the top couture houses in the world from Chanel, Van Cleef and Arpels and of course a Hublot Boutique.


Eileen Callahan at the Paris RitzMy wallet signals me to “move along” and thus into the grand entrance I sashay. Bellman welcoming you outside and adoring lovely staff once inside. The colorfully warm and lengthy corridors at first intimate the psyche, but do not fret. Breathe in and take your time to ogle and relish the fact you’ve arrived and you deserve this grandiose opulence.

After a lengthy stroll, you’ve reached the most legendary speakeasy like bar of all, Bar Hemingway. Every time I visit, I imagine martinis with Ernest Hemingway while we discuss his latest novel. OK, well a girl can dream.

In reality, I am here not just for the epic libations, but to banter with Mr. Colin Peter Field, the legendary bartender from the UK who has made The Ritz his home for 23 years. He will never steer you wrong when choosing a cocktail, so venture out from that traditional glass of Champagne. (Did I just write that?)

Luxurious it is, pretentious it is not.

You may not be resting your head for the evening, but do not shy away. Enter and linger down the luscious halls and enjoy a sumptuous cocktail in one of the magical bars or restaurants. Make sure to say hello if you see me at The Ritz, je t’aime.