British Airways, Take Me Home!

The time has come for me to depart for an extended stay to my home in Paris, France. British Airways, take me away!

My flight began in Houston, TX to Heathrow where I was pleasantly surprised they offered a lounge specifically for First Class passengers. I was not expecting that, so settled comfortably into the lounge I did.

First on the agenda: Champagne please! As I would expect, a variety of premium cocktails were offered, with Laurent Perrier ogling at me upon arrival.

Snacking too much in the lounge is a serious problem for me.  In flight, I ignore the signs of my full belly, and say yes to each course offered during meal service. I am going to work on that…NOT.

Regardless, Seat 1K  on this 777-200 was ready for me, along with my pajamas and slippers (which I always have to request). Pleasant flight, staff and overall smooth ride into LHR.

Being curious and ferociously reading the drink menu,  I enjoyed the fact that a Champagne cocktail was offered, which is rare, and who does not like a good Kir Royale!

Overall, even though the equipment, i.e. audio/video and seat adjustment were old, it was a relaxing and comfortable flying experience to my new home.

I’ve had the good fortune to Fly BA First Class at least a dozen times, but this one-way direction flight is a pivotal turning point in my life. Taking off into those clouds signified a momentous life change, and Champagne Travels began when I landed in Paris, France.